Why This Blog?

Photo by Paul Johnson Photography

I’ve always been frustrated by fashion magazines that choose to highlight only the high-end, super expensive fashionable items. Seriously, how easy is that? I mean, if I had to choose 5 great pairs of boots for the season, it wouldn’t be hard to find if price wasn’t an issue. The challenging thing is to find pieces that are stylish, good quality, timeless and affordable. That is how I have always shopped and that is how I think the majority of people out there shop. Not everyone can afford to spend thousands on a purse or pair of shoes.

As a current stay at home mom living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, my daily goal is to look stylish but also be able to run after a toddler and soon to be newborn. I try to spend most of my mornings at the gym, so looking good there is important to me too. Sometimes it’s hard to find those pieces and more importantly, as a mom, there isn’t much time to go out hunting for them. I wanted to create a space where I could post my favorite finds. My must haves. Because no matter where you live or how old you are, you Must Have Style.


  1. Sloves

    Always love your style. Love August’s blog so I know I will love this one too. Thanks for your fashion insight (i need it)!! XO

    • Makes me so happy you are following me on this blog too! Have been dying for this outlet. I have been delaying because it’s all not perfect but just bit the bullet. Need to express myself :)

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