Photo via Victoria’s Secret

SO I have been hunting for the perfect pair of seamless underwear and FINALLY found them! There is nothing worse than uncomfortable underwear, ones that slip and slide and constantly require adjustment. And for me, I really don’t like panty lines. As a 34 week pregnant lady and mother of a 2 year old little boy, I have been letting that slide a little lately, but that was the motivation I needed to start my search for the perfect pair. Not a grab what is on sale pair like I usually do, but a really great looking, functional pair of underwear.

I went through a couple other pairs before I found these No-Show Sexy Hiphugger Panties from Victoria Secret. Usually Gap Body is my go to for underwear but surprisingly they didn’t offer any seamless versions online and that is my preferred way of shopping these days.

My requirements were they had to be seamless hiphuggers (my favorite style since I had kids), they had to stay put on my tush (tired of the yanking and readjusting), and they had to look good on. These fit all my requirements! I now know I must be getting old because I LOVE the full back coverage of these panties and how the no slide edges really work and lay flat. The matte finish of the fabric has a great hand (retail speak for feels nice). There is also a stretchiness to the fabric that reminds me of Spanx, because it feels like it holds you in, but in no way near as snug. Sometimes we take for granted this most important of underpinnings, but when you find a pair that you really love you remember why it’s so important. (FYI: I didn’t purchase them in this old lady print, I bought them only in black.)

ITEM: No-Show Sexy Hiphugger Panty

PRICE: $12.50 for solids or current special of 3/$33

I was not compensated for this review of Victoria’s Secret and I purchased these panties. Opinions are my own.

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