Juicy Juicy Lips

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Since I became a stay at home mom I have tried to move my expensive department store cosmetic love into drugstore brands. What seems to be happening is that I just buy less department store makeup and wear it less frequently. Viola! Lasts longer! Ha!

I have never been a big makeup junkie, it’s just that when I do need something I like that someone else can tell me what shade and product I need and actually get to see it on my skin before purchasing. But when it comes to sheerish lip glosses, it seems like drugstore brands should suffice. I mean, it’s sheer. Do you really need to pay double digits for a sheer gloss? (Yes, that is a rhetorical question) Through my sister I ended up trying Lancome’s Juicy Tube in Spring Fling. OMG. Perfection! On the Lancome site they call the color a sheer baby peach. Somehow it just adds the right amount of color and glossiness. You know how some glosses can be really sticky? This is sticky in the good way without being goopy and has a beautiful smooth finish. I use it as my everyday gloss and because of the sheer color it works for all situations, day or night. Sometimes I use it on top of a more colorful lip just to get that delectable gloss look.

At $18 a pop, it is quite a step up in price from drugstore varieties but I haven’t regretted it.

ITEM: Lancome Juicy Tubes – Spring Fling

PRICE: $18 on Lancome site

I was not compensated by Lancome for this review and I purchased this lip gloss on my own. Opinions are always my own. 

One comment

  1. kats

    I use it too and I love it !!! it really lasts :)

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