Love At First Bobble

Photo via Water Bobble

A couple weeks ago my husband and I took a trip to NYC. While at home, I constantly have my Camelbak with me to keep hydrated, but when traveling it always becomes a game of where is the nearest convenience store so I can buy a bottled water. I hate buying water. The cost, the waste of it all. So when we stumbled upon this Bobble at ABC Home, it was love at first sight. It is a reusable, recyclable, BPA free plastic bottle that has a replaceable carbon filter built in. It is meant to make municipal tap water better. And each filter equates to 300 single serve water bottles. Think of all the bottles you are saving from ending up in landfills! Every where we went in NYC, I would stop and fill it up with tap water. Even on our way home, I brought it to the airport and filled it up in the terminal. We definitely got our moneys worth in just one weekend.

Bobble comes in four sizes: mini, small, medium and large. The mini is meant for kids. I have to say, August loved our Bobble as soon as he saw it, but then again he does have a crazy love for drinking water. To me, the really fun part is the filters. They come in lots of different colors and since you do replace them you can chose a different color each time. And an added bonus is they are made in the USA! They list a lot of retailers on their site and many of them are really accessible. I actually just had a friend who bought one for herself and her son at Old Navy.

Bobble is a stylish solution to an environmental problem. So next time you travel, take your Bobble and feel good that you are doing something better for the environment.

ITEM: Bobble 

PRICE: $9.99 for medium size Bobble, $6.99 for filter replacement


  1. I have one for school lunches. The school has a no waste goal and this bottle works well. Ours was a little difficult for our 4 year old to open, but my 5 year old can. Check how it opens if you are buying it for a younger child.

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