Newest Obsession

Photo via Lululemon

Now, I promise that all my posts won’t be Lululemon related, but can I help it that they make the best stuff? Yes, also expensive stuff but truly the most comfortable, stylish activewear I have found. I bought these shorts a couple weeks back with the intention of them being my go to summer shorts. When you are chasing a toddler, you really need comfort, flexibility, and the ability to hide stains/spills. BUT I also wanted to look cute. These completely fit the bill. With the weather finally hitting the 70s in Milwaukee, I got a chance to test drive them today and let me just say I AM OBSESSED. Already thinking about adding a second color to my wardrobe…I have the black, but love this color and pattern too.

I bought them a size larger than usual, so that with my growing bump I would still be able to wear them. The wide elastic waistband is so comfortable and the fabric is super light weight. The built in liner is key for me. It makes me feel more secure in wearing short shorts knowing that I don’t have to worry about anything showing. I know already that on hot days these will take the place of my current go to, the Lululemon Studio Pant, that I previously blogged about.

Like all my Lululemon stuff, I probably won’t work out that much in these. I find that I like my Lulu stuff best for transport to and from the gym and for wearing around. It’s too cute to just one and done with a class at the gym or quick run!! Maybe if I had a bigger wardrobe of Lulu that wouldn’t be the case though? Maybe I should test that theory?! One thing I love about Lululemon is their stuff doesn’t scream workout clothes. Depending on how you plan your outfit, you can really blend them to fit the vibe you want. Today I wore my shorts with my Hunter boots and a long sleeve hoodie. And I remember a night when I wore a pair of their leggings with a tunic and knee boots to dinner!

Take my word for it, these shorts are fab. So if you are comfortable with this length of short then you must check them out. The only thing that would make these better is if they incorporated a pocket for my iPhone, but I guess you can’t have everything ALL the time…

ITEM: Lululemon Run: Speed Short

PRICE: $54.00

I was not compensated for this review of Lululemon and I purchased these shorts. Opinions are my own.

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