Best Sippy For Kids

Photo from CamelBack

August has had two of these since last summer. It started when I let him drink out of my full size CamelBak and he loved it, but mine was too big and heavy for him. When I saw the kid sized ones at our local bike shop, Wheel and Sprocket, I grabbed two. They are GENIUS!! If you are familiar with the full size CamelBak bottles, these work the same way. He can flip the bite valve up to drink and then lock it down when he is done. Besides keeping the water from leaking out, closing the bite valve also keeps the portion he puts in his mouth from getting all dirty when it’s in his backpack or falls on the floor. I love not having to deal with a top and I am so glad I bought two. It allows for rotation and cleaning. I also like that he doesn’t have to tip the cup up to drink, he can just drink it as if it was a straw. We have replaced the bite valves on both, only because sometimes he likes to chew on them and when he tears the opening it allows water to slowly leak out. Finding replacements was super easy. I just ordered replacements on Amazon and they were around $7 for two.

I am happy to see they have some new designs. Because all their designs are gender specific and I have spread the word about these so much, we are encountering same boy designs at day care. Makes it a little confusing for the kids, but nothing a big strip of duct tape and their names written on won’t fix. Right? Oh, and if you are worried about this type of thing, they are BPA free. Online they also say not for kids under 3, but I’m not sure why. August has been using them since he was one and a half without incident.

ITEM: CamelBack eddy Kids

PRICE: $13.00 at

I was not compensated for this review and purchased the bottles on my own. Opinions are my own.


  1. Sally

    Very popular in the Siegel house too! Theo is crazy obsessed to the point where he yells and points to the fridge to get his out. And bites all the time so thanks for the tip on replacements on Amazon. Keep up the blog – love it!

  2. Grade Allison

    Hey – good tip about replacement bite valves on Amazon…Charlie loves my Camelbak and has definitely managed to bite a large hole in the mouthpiece – just wonder if he’ll keep doing that again and again if I get him a little one…

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