Photo via ASOS

Because I can’t possibly purchase enough to blog daily about new items (I know! bummer!), I have decided to add a couple of fun categories to the site. The first one is called Shop! I plan to highlight mostly online shopping sites, but also some brick and mortar stores. Even since before becoming a mom, I was a big time online shopper. When you have something in mind, why spend time physically shopping around for it when you can go online and get exactly what you want without wasting all that time? Now since becoming a mom, my free time is even more scarce so shopping online has become necessary for me. And I don’t mind it. Your options are endless, which is particularly important when you live in a smaller city that doesn’t have a ton of great shopping. And with free shipping and online coupons, online shopping can sometimes prove cheaper than actual shopping.

Today I want to introduce you ASOS. I think my sister first brought this site to my attention. (She is truly the queen of online shopping) While I haven’t purchased anything yet from this site, I have spent LOTS of time window shopping. And I definitely see an order being placed in my near future. One of the things I love most about this site is they offer free shipping both ways. Big selling point! I also love that they sell designer brands and their own private label, ASOS, which isn’t over the top expensive. They carry cool, forward pieces for men and women that push the boundaries. Some of the stuff you will think “huh, who would really wear that?” But then some of it really cool and interesting. And the amount of selection they offer is pretty mind blowing. I like it because nothing is like my usual wardrobe, plain old basic black. Shopping this site really pushes me out of my normal comfort zone when it comes to clothes. I mean, check out this great top for $53.72 and this scarf for $26.86. Coincidentally, both can be worn by a pregnant lady.

Photo via ASOS

Photo via ASOS












And especially relevant to me now, is they offer maternity!! I was just complaining the other day about the only options for affordable maternity clothes is either Gap or Old Navy and I actually had a separate friend tell me that ASOS has a maternity collection. She bought a couple dresses and loved them. I am particularly in love with these mint green jeans $57.30 (now sold out. boo.) and this gorgeous shift dress $98.48. Definitely affordable! I really like that for all pieces they offer at least 3-4 photos per item, so you really get a good look at each piece.

Photo via ASOS

Photo via ASOS












If you have the time to surf, they also have Fashion Finder where you can shop their editors picks, see the top trends and fashions and get lots of ideas on outfits. I can see myself spending too much time on this portion of the site. So, check ASOS out and let me know what you think! All I’m saying is that it is definitely worth checking out.

I was not compensated for this review of ASOS. Opinions are my own. 

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