Rainbow Brights

Photo via RoadRunnerSports

Have you noticed the new trend in workout shoes? COLOR! No longer the boring work horse looking shoe, but instead the new, fresh fabulous shoe that you want to put on and get to the gym to show off.

While on my way to the gym a month or so ago, I saw a girl running down the street and I nearly veered off the road staring at her shoes. They were super bright, almost obnoxious and I wanted them! I decided it was time for a new pair of workout shoes after that and headed to our local running store, Performance Running Outfitters, to pick out a pair. Yes, I was that lame lady who came in saying I want yellow shoes. Not I want cushioning, or this is the type of runner I am, but I really want a pair of bright yellow shoes. Thankfully, the girl didn’t scoff at me but started asking questions about what my activities would be and through that narrowed down the selection to the pairs that would fit my needs AND came in yellow. Wouldn’t you know it, I went in wanting yellow, but left with a pair of Nike Air Pegasus +28 in Tiffany Blue. (I call them Tiffany blue, Nike calls them aqua/white) I am not usually a Nike girl, but the second I put these on I was sold. They were exactly what I didn’t know I wanted!

This post isn’t to push any particular shoe brand or style, but just to let you know that color, particularly bright color, is the look of the moment. And the great news about workout shoes is that they do wear out so by the time the trend changes, you should be close to your next pair anyway!  If you are reading this thinking, I have had my running/workout shoes for two years, PLEASE toss them immediately and go get a new pair. There are so many injuries that people sustain because of old shoes. I promise, if you buy new shoes you will feel the difference instantly!

Before I bought my new Nikes, I had the pink Saucony shoes below. Got tons of compliments on them at the gym. Not going to lie, I bought them for color too! I’m obsessed with the Newtons below, but they are such a specific running only shoe that it didn’t make any sense. But couldn’t you die for that color combo??

Photo via Saucony

Photo via Newton Running

I was not compensated by Nike for this review and I purchased these shoes on my own. Opinions are always my own. 

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