NOT Just Stay At Home Mom Pants

Photo via Lululemon

These pants are another item that I can’t claim I found myself. I saw them on a couple of my girlfriends and was like, duh! I need these pants! They are perfect. Now, I am a stay at home mom that does frequent the gym. But because of the stereotype that stay at home moms stay in lounge/workout clothes all day, I am sensitive  to making sure I don’t fall into that category. Yet. (I only have one child now, so who knows what two will bring!) I have my workout clothes for the gym in the morning and then post nap time I change into “real” clothes unless we are going on a bike ride or doing something sporty. Truth be told, I bought these pants with the idea that they would be comfy lounge pants that I could put on at night after the baby goes to bed, but yet my husband wouldn’t think I was in my pajamas at 7pm.

They have turned out to be the best investment. Yes, I use the word investment because Lululemon isn’t cheap. I actually only started shopping there this past year, but now I am hooked. In general, I find that their fabrics are amazing, the fit is great, the details they add are  just enough to make a pair of pants interesting but not over the top and I love the way it looks on. Because I hit the gym first thing in the morning, aka no makeup, I find that having workout clothes that are cute and make me feel good is important. Otherwise looking in those big mirrors would be a way more scary.

I bought the Studio Pant II – No Liner in black in December. Here is what I love about these pants: The wide waistband is awesome. It doesn’t give you a muffin top and lays really comfortably. I am 17 weeks pregnant and because of that wide stretchy waistband, I am still wearing these pants and plan to for as long as I can. I love that they have side pockets, so I can keep my iPhone on me all the time. Makes it easy to catch cute photos of my little one and always know the time. I think the butt is super cute on these pants. Something about how they hug the tush a little but not too much. And the fuller leg with the slight ruching is really flattering. Tall people will love this, I had to get my pants hemmed and I am 5’7″. Lululemon offers free alterations on all their items. I paid about $8 though to keep the bungee in the leg of these and though I haven’t used it yet, I really like how it looks in the below video. Think this might be the way I wear them this summer.

I am sure this won’t be the last post on Lulu. I have a gift card that I am saving for when I am farther along in my pregnancy and want to buy something that makes me feel good about myself. And I am also eyeing a pair of their shorts right now too…

Check out this great video to see more detail on the pants. Warning, you might feel compelled to buy them after watching!

ITEM: Lululemon Studio Pant II – No Liner

PRICE: $98

I was not compensated by Lululemon for this review and I purchased these pants on my own. Opinions are always my own. 


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  2. Ayla

    What kind of SHOES are those are in the opening shot?
    If anyone knows, please advise.

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