Summer Tote That Only Looks Expensive

Photo via Forever21

With the weather getting slightly warmer are you,like me, are tired of all your dull looking winter stuff? Do you feel like if you just bought one new and shiny thing that you would feel better? That was me a week ago. I wandered into Forever21, which I don’t really stop in anymore because I don’t have the time to hunt through all the color merchandised clothes to find my size. But on this day, I actually had some time, so I strolled through the store. Immediately, this bag caught my eye. To me, it looked out of context, like it should have been sitting in a store like J.Crew. The pattern was perfectly trend right, the fabric was sturdy, and I loved the added closure that pinched the sides in for when you want the bag a little more closed. The coin purses were a nice surprise too. I checked the price tag. ONLY $19.80?? SOLD! I felt guilty even buying it, like I should have picked up one for my sister and mom too, anyone for that matter when we are talking $20 for a great looking bag. I will be the first to admit that this photo, snagged from the Forever21 website, does not do the bag justice, but I promise if you order it or go and check it out, you will not be disappointed.

ITEM: Large Striped Tote w/ Coin Purse, Forever21 stores and online

PRICE: $19.80

The thing that makes this bag a MustHave, is that it is perfectly on trend and as if we live in an ideal world, it looks and feels like it should have cost more.

I was not compensated by Forever21 for this review and I purchased this bag on my own. Opinions are always my own. 

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