If You Could Only Have One Pair Of Boots

Photo via The Frye Company

If you were told that you could only have one pair of boots, would that give you heart palpitations? If this cruel joke was indeed reality, I would have the boots for you. The Frye Campus Boot. At first glance, they seem to be an innocuous pair of boots, but that is their charm. Because of their lack of trendiness, they are timeless. I have had the same pair for over 7 years! And I wear them constantly. AND always have people commenting on them and asking where I got them. One thing I did that was brilliant was when I first bought them, I took them to the local shoe repair and had them add rubber to the forefoot (they come with rubber on the heel). At the time this was so that the leather bottoms would be less slippery in rain and snow, but it has proven to be the best idea. Once a year, I take them back to the local shoe repair and have them replace the rubber on the bottom of the boot. This way they never wear out and they are like new again. When my husband and I traveled to Amsterdam this past November, they were the only shoes I brought for daytime and they were all I needed.

ITEM: Frye Campus Boot

PRICE: At the current price of $298, they don’t break the bank. Yes, they are an investment but one that keeps giving back year after year.

They are the perfect MustHaveStyle item. Did I mention that I am completely smitten with the Shearling lined version?

I was not compensated by Frye for this review and I purchased these boots on my own. Opinions are always my own. 

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